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Amazon Exclusives

Our Core Movement products are sold exclusively on Amazon to ensure buyer security, fast shipping and helpful customer reviews.

Resistance loop bands

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Resistance bands with handles

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Myofascial release kit

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Yoga mat

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I’m glad I got these “super bands”! Nice touch on the added value with the ebooks.

– By Convolutionx on Jan 16, 2018

Being a new mom I really cannot go to the gym, but having these bands helped me start exercising at home. I love that i have different intensity level and I can use them anywhere. The material so high quality and resistant.

on January 19, 2018

Good quality material with no obnoxious odor and great resistance with each band. Does not look cheap or feel cheap and seems like it will withstand plenty of exercises

– By Cat on Jan 17, 2018

These bands are great! Great quality and functional! They come in a cute string bag. Highly recommend!

– By Rodrigo Lippi de Mello Lopes on Jan 25, 2018

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